Thursday, 17 April 2014

Working Hard!

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  1. Keira made a bracelet: Keira chose 4 beads: two buttons, a blue bead and a heart bead. After the string was tied she told the educator why she chose the beads. Pointing to each part of her bracelet she said, "This is....remembers my old car, this remembers of my button collection, this remembers of my blue ring and this remembers I love everybody."

    Madison and Lucas made a house: They used many different blocks in different ways to make a house big enough for the two of them, and talking to each other throughout the building. As an educator was asking them about the structure, Lucas told the educator that they sometimes break their house down. The educator asked what they did then; both of them replied with smiles "we build it again!"

    Mathew's family donated train lego to the class: This donation has been a big hit for the boys and the girls. there is always 2 - 6 children playing at this centre. The trains are shared as more children arrive and are driven on the tracks; sometimes these tracks are very short but the children are pleased with their building skill.

    Lego: Structures are built and scenarios are talked about between the children. Some children save their structures for play in the afternoon.

    Art experience: coffee filters, watery paint and q-tips. The children took their time dabbing and mixing the paint on the filter. The children were proud of their designs and displayed them on the window. Lucas discovered the paint went through the filter; he had his own explanation for this. He said "the paper is light but the paint is heavy". Kara noticed that light went through the filter when it was wet; she said "It glows". Keira suggested we should look at the filters later in the day when the lights are off and see if they still glow. Amazing thoughts, in all centres, by our wonderful class!